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  • Bed Watcher

    * presense, motion and breathing sensor
    * operational range up to 4 meters
    * easy installation and maintenance
    * easy integration with nurse call systems
    * easy integration with home network and smartphone

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  • Baby Sleep Guard

    * listens to baby's breathing
    * detects baby's movements
    * signals about changes in behavior
    * puts down risk of S.I.D.S.
    * no need for wires and under-the-mattress pad

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  • Life Rescue Tag

    * wearable motion and respiration detector
    * key fob size suitable for pocket placement
    * built-in radio beacon
    * 200 m finding range
    * battery powered

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  • Diaper Alarm

    * detects urine or feces of baby, disabled or the aged
    * raises an alarm through a sound and blinking LED
    * very accurate compared to other alarm devices
    * made of 100% safe materials
    * CR2032 battery powered: 1 year of operation

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  • Pulse Wave Velocity Gauge

    * determines the degree of vessel stiffness
    * takes pulse rate measurement
    * measures pulse variability parameters
    * connects with a PC via Bluetooth
    * battery powered

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  • Digatech Life Watcher

    * presense, motion and respiration detector
    * operational range up to 4 meters
    * can be hidden from public
    * integrated with LAN
    * gets power from LAN according to PoE standard

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  • Software Products

    * control and manage contactless sensors

    * from Windows PC

    * from Android tablets and smartphones

    * from Apple iPads and iPhones

    * develop custom software

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Microwave motion sensor and Radar sensors. Products and Solutions.

NanoPulse is a technology startup company registered in The Russian Federation with an international focus. NanoPulse designs, patents and builds prototypes, manufactures microwave sensors and probes, as well as building complex systems using the sensors.

A Key advantage of NanoPulse products, such as microwave motion sensors, is their sensitivity which enables clients to detect and register sub-millimeter motion amplitudes, including human chest motion or mechanical vibrations from remote locations. Distance to the object of interest varies from millimeters to several meters, depending on the selected sensor and its application. However, whether it is a long-range radar sensor or some occupancy sensors, there is no direct contact between them and the monitored object - almost all NanoPulse sensors are contactless sensors.

There are many and various applications for the NanoPulse sensors ranging from relatively simple homecare and security devices to complicated medical or industrial monitoring systems. Some cases are listed but not limited to the ones below:


You are welcome to visit our 1A30 booth in Pavilion 1 at Zdravo exhbition in Moscow between December 7 and 11 this year.


You are welcome to visit our F24 booth at Building Healthcare Infrastructure Russia exhbition in Moscow between October 5 and 7 this year.

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  • 107140 Moscow,
  • 1 Krasnoselskiy per. 3, pom. I, of. 75
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  • Skype: nano-pulse

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